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InBody Composition

We offer medical-grade body composition analyzers to measure our customer’s nutritional health. Our analyzer provides a reliable, comprehensive view of a wide range of factors like water, proteins, minerals, and body fat to give you a brief view of your body composition balance. With these results, you can most likely determine healthy weight loss plans.

Meal Plans

Do you want to eat healthily but don’t know how to start? Let us help you. We offer some of the best meal plans with weekly meal planning recipes. With us, you can enjoy the fun of cooking without the stress of planning out healthy, home-cooked meals.


Commit to Be Fit

Nutrishop Pleasant Hill offers a vast array of dietary and nutritional supplements that will keep you in good shape and ensure you have a healthy future. All our products are made of top-quality ingredients and follow stringent quality standards. We understand that every individual is unique and offers customized products and services to ensure you get the best results.